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Ancient Celtic love knot work patterns & crosses inspire this traditional range of pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets & watches. Based on a long line of motifs from Scotland and Ireland.


Simply the finest selection of silver and gold celtic jewellery from earrings to watches; and all delivered fast and free to your home or office.

The mini videos you will see as you browse through our website will show you the products from several different angles, which will give you a very authentic feel for the weight, depth, quality and dimensions of each piece in our fabulous collection.

This gives a much better impression of what will actually arrive when you make a purchase than the simple images shown on other websites - it's like having your jeweller take the item out of his window and showing it to you in the shop!

Sublime Celtic motifs such as triskeles and Celtic eternal love knots to be found throughout our jewellery and watch ranges. The line of knotwork which never ends - "the line of life" - is much in evidence throughout this traditional range. 

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