The Love Celtic Jewellery Collection

Ancient Celtic love knot work patterns & crosses inspire this traditional range of Celtic jewellery – pendants, earrings, crosses, bracelets and watches. Based on a long line of motifs from Scotland and Ireland.

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Simply the finest selection of silver and gold celtic jewellery from earrings to watches; and all delivered fast to your home or office.

Sublime Celtic motifs such as triskeles and Celtic eternal love knots are to be found throughout our jewellery and watch ranges. The line of knot work which never ends – “the line of life” – is much in evidence throughout this traditional range.

In addition to being manufactured in the UK, You’ll also find that much of our Celtic jewellery benefits from Cairn Rhodium tarnish resistance to keep it shiny and bright.

We like to go the extra mile in terms of quality. Browse around and you’ll find ranges incorporating royal blue sapphires, amethysts, peridots & diamonds, set in sterling silver and 9ct gold.

Every product is supplied in a dedicated jeweller’s presentation box for that extra touch of luxury.

We also carry a fine range of Scottish jewellery.

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